Food Allergies Don’t Have To Be A Drag at Pambiche!

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john Hi Guys,

I received an interesting question over the holidays when I was away from the office. I thought I’d share my response with the rest of you as it may be of interest and assistance to some.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


On Jan 3, 2014, at 10:41 AM, Manuel B. <> wrote:

Buenos dias!

I am a big fan of Pambiche, every time I get the craving for Puerto Rican food I thank God that Cuban is close enough so it keeps me going  :)

My girlfriend is allergic to garlic and onions,  I haven’t taken her to Pambiche because looking at the menu I couldn’t tell which dishes would be safe for her to try…

Question is,  are there any dishes on the menu that either are made without garlic / onions or that could be made without garlic / onions?

Thanks! Manuel B.

Dear Manuel,

Thank you for your interest and inquiry. The reason they’re aren’t many “no onions” and “no garlic” foods at Pambiche is because those two ingredients are mainstays in Cuban cooking, and are essential to the creole flavor profile!! That in mind, we do have some dishes that we think are great and will make your girlfriend a Pambiche fan. For savory food, your best options are avocado salad (request it with no onions), tostones, yuca, and maduros. The tostones are especially good with the avocado salad and can be eaten like chips and guacamole. Many of our vegan customers order these two items together and eat them in this way. A delicious combo!!

The yuca can be ordered solo as well, just ask for it without the garlic mojo, and instead request a side of fresh lime wedges. Lime goes great on the yuca with a little extra salt.

(The banana ketchup and salsa picante we put on the table both have garlic and onions in them so she should steer clear of condiments.) In my opinion, the avocado salad “no onions” and tostones option is a real winner and will likely keep her coming back for more!!

Other good news is that we have an amazing beverage selection featuring everything from shakes and fresh squeezed juices, to classic Cuban sodas, Cuban coffee drinks, beer, wine and Cuban cocktails. All of our drinks, cocktails and concoctions are made the right way… fresh daily, in house, and from fresh fruits, premium brand spirits, fresh roasted coffee, etc. Refreshments at Pambiche are essential and satisfying, she will not be disappointed!

Then there is dessert, what Pambiche is really known for, from cookies and pastries to custards and cakes, we have your favorite Cuban classics like tres leches, flan and brazo gitano and we have our own signature desserts like the dulce de 3 leches and the selva negra, all made in house and from scratch right here on site in Pambiche’s bakery and every one of them feature zero garlic OR onions!!

So tell your lovely that if onions and garlic are not her thing, she doesn’t have to be afraid of Cuban food, Pambiche will fill her soul with satisfying delicacies that will make her forget all about her food allergies!

Thanks again Manuel!!


John Connell-Maribona
Pambiche – Cocina & Repostería Cubana
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