The Centuries Old Magic of Café Cubano

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Pambiche’s Café Cubano is a tribute to Cuban coffee culture. The coffee’s distinct profile is achieved through the selection of a specific blend of beans whose attributes are akin to those grown in Cuba. Dark roasted and aromatic with hints of caramel, tobacco and spice, a rich, smooth full-bodied flavor, with gentle acidity and a long earthy finish.

CafeConLecheminiFor centuries sipping Café Cubano has been an ingrained part of Cuban society, where little coffee breaks throughout the day have been used to discuss people, problems and politics over mini cups of the sweet black brew. Conversations seem a bit sweeter, moods magically improve, batteries recharge and ideas just seem to flow when sipping on a shot of the sweet Cuban brew. So head down to Pambiche with a few friends to partake in the sacred Café Cubano ritual, relax and talk about whatever it is that ails you. ¡Salud!


Pambiche’s exclusive Café Cubano Blend is provided by Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Our coffee drinks are made with whole milk from rBST free cows that are raised on NW pastures.

If you like your coffee sweet we use demerara cane sugar.