Roseanne Romaine and Her Team: Pambiche’s Unsung Heroes and Legendary Superstar

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Behind the scenes at Pambiche an army of talented, dedicated individuals work the night away making everything from coquetas and empanadas to flan, tres leches and brazo gitano. They toil over the IMG_0694cauldrons of stewed beans and ovens full of braised oxtails. They push the slicer to its mechanical limits slicing roast after roast for our revered Cuban Sandwiches. They squeeze and press and blend and puree until the compost containers are filled to the brim with fruit carcasses and the bar refrigerator is packed withpitchers full of fresh fruit juices for you beloved Cuban cocktails. They slice, they dice, they mince, they chop, and above all they take the heat!! They are our secret weapon and source of the magic and love that continually pours from Pambiche’s kitchen for nearly 15 years now.


IMG_0661Pambiche has had many super-stars over the years, but Pambiche pastry chef / owner and operations manager Roseanne Romaine, is our legendary hall-of-famer.


When Roseanne isn’t busy helping customers with special order cakes or event caterings, she’s diligently running Pambiche’s bakery or assisting our team of chef’s in managing kitchen matters, or training baristas on plating desserts, or keeping her thumb on a laundry list of purveyors.


Roseanne and her revered staff are the ones responsible for all of the sweets and desserts, and the empanadas, croquetas and frituras that we do here at Pambiche.


“We share a sense of pride in our craft, we respect each other, and even though we all come from diverse backgrounds, we share a special comradery and a little bit’o craziness, that undoubtedly comes from spending so much time underground (in Pambiche’s basement kitchen/bakery)”. says Romaine of Pambiche’s kitchen and bakery staff.


IMG_0966Roseanne’s role as the one who instills those kitchen values day in and day out is what keeps everything alive and well in the back of our house.  That attention to detail and pride in their work resulted in Rosie and her team earning Pambiche a perfect health department score after our most recent inspection.


“Coaching and training, training and re-training, getting staff on board with our system, leading and motivating the team, that’s what the job is! It’s like coaching a basketball team!” says Romaine of her role at Pambiche.


Rosie-e1338582354726As we close in on our 15th year in business, it is nice to take a moment and look back, take a deep breath, sigh and nod, and remember those you’ve rubbed shoulders with on that journey.

Thank you Roseanne for all you’ve done to get us here and for all you and your team do to keep us keepin’ on!!

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