Call (503) 233-0511 to place an order


Call (503) 233-0511 to place an order

Empanadas – Available by the dozen


Empanadas are individual pies filled with savory fillings and are the perfect finger food for festive gatherings. Our empanada dough is made in the Cuban tradition with stone-ground wheat flour and natural home made leaf lard. Empanadas can be cut in half for a fee of $5 per dozen.


Cuban beef hash with bacon, olive oil and sherry sofrito, olives, capers, raisins and fresh oregano.

Maíz con Pollo

Roasted corn and pulled chicken stewed in a garlicky salsa roja.

Espinaca con Queso

Sautéed onion, spinach and cheese pie.

Croquetas – Available by the dozen


Bacalao con Papa

Codfish and potato croquettes with parsley, lime and red onion.


Smoked ham in creole béchamel with bay leaf, lime and peppercorn.

Plátanos Rellenos

Yellow plantain stuffed with soy picadillo. VN

Frituras – Available by the dozen



Cuban corn fritters. V + GF


Garlicky taro root fritters. VN + GF

Viandas – 20 Servings per Order

Maduros $50.00

Fried ripe plantains, the favorite sweet accompaniment to a savory Cuban meal. VN + GF

Yuca Frita $50.00

Tropical yuca root, pronounced YOO-ka, never yukka, also know as cassava or manioc. Golden yuca fries served with garlic mojo sauce. VN + GF

Pan Frito $20.00

Pan toasted Cuban crustini, brushed with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh minced garlic; a great accompaniment to Avocado Salad and Ropa Vieja. 20 servings per order, 3 slices per serving. VN

Ensaladas – 20 servings per order VN + GF

Ensalada de Aguacate $70.00

Fresh Haas avocado, minced parsley and diced red onion tossed with organic extra-virgin olive oil and sour orange vinaigrette.

Ensalada de Remolacha $55.00

Fresh beets and chopped watercress tossed with extra-virgin olive oil and sour orange vinaigrette.

Ensalada Caribeña $45.00

Red and green cabbage, grated carrots and a blend of minced herbs tossed with fresh squeezed citrus juices.

Ensalada de Frutas $50.00

This fruit salad bursts with naturally sweet flavor. Fresh, ripe pineapple, papaya and banana combined with fresh squeezed citrus juices and fresh pressed sugar cane juice.

Potajes – 20 Servings per Gallon – GF

Potaje de Frijoles Negros $40.00

Abuelita Ninfa’s Cuban black beans. Made with black turtle beans, fresh oregano, olive oil sofrito and mucho amor. VN

Arroces – 20 Servings per Order – GF

Moros & Cristianos (Congrí)

Black turtle beans and long grained white rice cooked with bacon sofrito, ham masitas and Creole herbs and spices.

Arroz Amarillo $40.00

Valencia saffron rice and creole chicken stock cooked with an olive oil sofrito and Iberian herbs and spices.

Arroz Blanco – $15.00

Long grain white rice. VN

Arroz Integral – $20.00

Long grain brown rice. VN

Salsas – Tres Juanes brand sauces – VN + GF

Tres Juanes® brand sauces are made by hand with all natural, fresh ingredients. We never use additives or preservatives, or anything artificial and all of our products are Vegan, Gluten-Free and GMO-Free. Priced per bottle.

Banana Ketchup $7.00

Juanito’s original plantain catsup.

Garlic Mojo $7.00

Cuban garlic sauce.

Mojo Habanero $7.00

Spicy mojo sauce.

Salsa Picante $7.00

Mexican hot sauce.

Platos – 20 Servings per Order

Lechón Asado $95.00

Cuban pork roast. Adobo rubbed, slow roasted and smothered in creole pork gravy. Recommended accompaniments: yuca in garlic mojo, black beans and white or brown rice or Moros & Cristianos, cabbage and/or avocado salad. GF

Pollo Criollo $95.00

Creole chicken adobo rubbed with olive oil, tomatoes, citrus and herbs then braised in creole chicken gravy. Recommended accompaniments: black beans and white or brown rice or Moros & Cristianos or Arroz Amarillo, any of our salads, and Malanga fritters. GF

Ropa Vieja $95.00

“Old Clothes”. Shredded beef laden with yellow onions and green peppers, stewed in an herbed tomato broth and garnished with green peas. Recommended accompaniments: pan frito, black beans and white or brown rice and any of our salads. GF

Picadillo Cubano (Cuban Beef Hash) $95.00

Abuelita Ninfa’s Cuban beef hash, seasoned with Iberian herbs and vegetables sautéed in a olive oil and sherry sofrito. Recommended accompaniments: white or brown rice, black beans, avocado salad and ripe plantains. GF

Picadillo Comunista (Cuban Soy Hash) $85.00

Due to meat shortages and food rationing, soy hash (picadillo de soya) has become a typical part of the contemporary Cuban diet. This is Tía Miriam’s recipe made with Bob’s Red Mill High Protein T.V.P., Iberian herbs and vegetables sautéed in an olive oil and sherry wine sofrito. Recommended accompaniments: white or brown rice, black beans, avocado salad and ripe plantains. VN + GF

Bebidas Cubanas – Cuban Beverages

Embelish your celebration with a selection of Cuban beverages from Pambiche. Our fresh fruit juices are all prepared in house with the finest natural ingredients. Juices and potions available by the gallon.

Jugos Naturales – Fresh Juice


Piña $20.00

100% fresh ripe pineapple juice, cold pressed in house daily. A Cuban favorite!

Limonada de Guarapo $20.00

“Sugar cane lemonade”. Freshly milled sugar cane and fresh squeezed lime juices come together in this Cuban thirst quencher.

Guarapiña $20.00

A contraction of “Guarapo y Piña”. Our fresh pressed pineapple and fresh milled sugar cane juices.

Pócimas Mágicas – Magic Potions


Yerba Mate $16.00

Tisane of yerba mate, damiana and mint. Sweetened with a touch of demerara sugar. Serve with fresh mint and lime wedges.

Jamaica $16.00

Hibiscus flower and fresh ginger root infusion. Serve with fresh lime wedges.

Virgin Maria $18.00

Spicy tomato juice, prepared with hot + spicy vinegar, fresh squeezed lime juice and creole spices.

Sangría $45.00

Pambiche’s house made sangría prepared in the Spanish tradition with red table wine, Fundador Brandy de Jerez and select fresh fruit.

Traditional Cuban Soft Drinks

All of the soft drinks we offer were originally produced and sold in Cuba until 1960, when the Cuban Revolution brought about the nationalization of all private industry. The Cawy Bottling Company (est.1948, Havana, Cuba) relocated to Miami, Florida in 1965 and has been producing these popular Cuban brands ever since.

Malta Hatuey $24.00

Malta is a non-alcoholic carbonated malt beverage made from barley, hops and caramel, also known as Young beer or Children’s beer. The Hatuey brand is named after the famous Taíno chief that fought against the Spanish colonizers in the early 16th century.

Iron Beer $24.00

Non-alcoholic Cuban Cola, known as “The National Beverage of Cuba” since 1917. Fans of Dr. Pepper or Cream soda will love Iron Beer!

Materva $24.00

Cuban Yerba Mate Soda, founded in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1920. In 2002, Materva was given the “Best Local Soft Drink” award by the Miami New Times.

Coco Solo $24.00

Naturally flavored Cuban coconut soda named after a popular neighborhood in Havana, a true Cuban favorite! Serve it with a fresh lime wedge if you go that way!

Jupiña $24.00

Cuban Pineapple soda founded in Pinar del Río, Cuba in 1905. Its name is a contraction of “Jugo de Piña” or pineapple juice. Its sweetness and intense pineapple flavor make it a great choice with Cuban food.

Our meats are naturally and humanely raised on local, sustainable farms, fed a 100% vegetarian diet that is hormone, preservative and antibiotic free.

Brown Rice available with all small plates add 50 cents

V = Vegetarian
VN = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free

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