Pambiche’s Postres are a combination of traditional Cuban desserts and our own original creations. Everything from our bakery is made in house and from scratch with the highest standards for food quality, personal health and environmental sustainability. We make great efforts to source the best ingredients available from the most reputable suppliers and are proud to use: Bob’s Red Mill stone-ground flours, Guittard Chocolates, Florida Crystals Carbon Free Demerara Sugar, La Vencedora pure Mexican vanilla and Artie’s Harvest Local Raw honey to name a few. We only use dairy from rBST free cows and our eggs come from cage free and hormone free hens. We encourage you to save room for dessert and finish your meal the Cuban way, with a little something sweet! ¡Buen Provecho!

Pastry Chefs John Maribona & Roseanne Romaine



Traditional Cuban caramel custard, featuring Abuelita’s Ninfa’s classic recipe. GF

Comes in a 8”x10” rectangle form/serves 20.

Brazo Gitano


“Gypsy Arm”. Brazo Gitano is a traditional Cuban dessert of Spanish descent. Corn flour sponge cake rolled with pineapple lime marmalade and dusted with powdered sugar. GF + DF

Each arm serves 12

Lime in the Coconut


A tropical variation of the tres leches cake. Lime sponge cake drenched with a Cuban concoction known as Saoco (coconut milk, fresh lime juice and Carta Blanca rum), filled with coconut custard cream and fresh lime curd. Each cake is drenched with crema Chantilly, shredded coconut and glazed lime. GF

By the dozen.

Guava Cheesecake


Pasta de guayaba (candied guava paste) is a traditional Cuban dessert, usually served with cream cheese and Cuban crackers. We’ve turned this favorite Cuban dessert into a Pambiche classic. Guava cheesecake baked atop a polvorone cookie crust and finished with guava glaze.

By the dozen.

Cuban Cigar


Dense chocolate rum truffle cake rolled into the shape of cigars, coated with bitersweet chocolate and dutch cocao; white chocolate cherry and coconut ash.

Box of 6 Packaged in a real cigar box.

Sweet Empanadas – Cuban Hand Pies


Empanadas Dulces, also known as pastelitos are Cuban turnovers (individual pies) filled with sweet fillings and are the perfect finger food for festive gatherings. Our empanada dough is made in the Cuban tradition with stone-ground wheat flour and natural home made leaf lard.

Guayaba con Queso – The classic Cuban combo of sweet guava paste and cream cheese.

Mango – Fan’s of Southern Peach Pie will love this Cuban cousin!


Tres Leches

A traditional favorite! Light sponge cake laced with a mixture of fresh, evaporated and condensed milks, layered with vanilla custard cream and frosted with crema Chantilly.

1/8 sheet cake (8-12 servings) $42.00

1/4 sheet cake (16-24 servings) $76.00

1/2 sheet cake (32-48 servings) $136.00

Guava Carrot cake

This Pambiche classic is unlike any carrot cake you’ve ever tasted! A lightly spiced carrot cake with superb tropical fruit character and a hint of Bacardi Select Dark rum is layered with our guava cream cheese.

4”x6” pavé (serves 4-6) $25.00

4”x16” pavé (serves 12-24) $57.00

Selva Negra

Coconut chocolate cake laced with passion fruit liqueur and filled with tangy passion fruit mousse, frosted with crema Chantilly and encased in bittersweet chocolate cigarillos. GF

4”x6” pavé (serves 4-6) $30.00

4”x16” pavé (serves 12-24) $66.00


White chocolate mocha cake, soaked with Kahlúa coffee liqueur and café cubano, filled with chocolate cinnamon mousse and glazed with Oaxacan chocolate ganache; finished with white chocolate dominoes.

3”x6” pavé (serves 4-6) $30.00

3”x15” pavé (serves 12-24) $66.00

Galletas – Cookies


Alfajores: Traditional Spanish butter cookies sandwiched with house made dulce de leche.

Cuban Lunch Cookies:Inspired by Paulin’s Cuban Lunch bar, whose salty caramel, peanutty chocolate profile seduced our pastry chef’s into creating a cookie in its honor! Double chocolate peanut butter nougat cookies studded with crushed potato chips and filled with dulce de leche, a knock out salty-sweet combo with a jonrón chewy texture!

Available by the dozen.

GF = Gluten Free / DF = Dairy Free

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